Wireles interface drops kernel: ural0: could not read MAC register: STALLED

  • I have a multi-interface router set up using load balancer.  One of the interfaces is a wireless usb connection that picks up a wireless connection in the office next to mine (very close proximity maybe too close).  The router randomly drops the connection and does not pick it back up until rebooted.  I get a "looped" error message on the console (and in the logs) about 3 per second… "kernel: ural0: could not read MAC register: STALLED.  It seems to happen when there is little or no traffic on the system."  Usually it takes a while to get to that point but the last time I re-booted, it did it immedialty. (of course it 3:00AM and there is absolutly no traffic on the system right now)

  • Does the hardware have some powersaving settings in the bios? Looks like the usbdevice becomes disabled? Maybe try running with disabled acpi (see http://devwiki.pfsense.org/BootOptions )?

    If you have the option you should switch to something non-usb-based for that wifi link. I think pci or minipci should give you more reliability.

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