2nd client gain internet access without entering voucher after 1st client

  • hi guys
    i have a problem with pfsense voucher which confusing me.
    my 2nd client can gain internet access without entering voucher number after
    1st client.

    i mean before anyone using voucher, client will be asked to enter the voucher number
    but after the successful one, the rest client can access internet without authentication page.

    please help me to sort this problem, and i really appreciate your reply


  • That can only happen if the AP or router the clients are connected to is NATing them to a single source IP so they all look like the same client by the time they get to captive portal. The problem is inside your network somewhere.

  • hi cmb
    sorry for late reply

    problem solved
    i disabled dhcp in my linksys router
    and voila
    it works

    many thanks for your idea

  • @Ferry:

    i disabled dhcp in my linksys router

    It's not an idea. It was the only solution.

    If the DHCP server on AP was running then your clients could get a IP that the portal didn't assign. That is NOT good. But, never ever the client can pass the portal interface. It would mean that a client could assign himself an IP (static IP) in the net mask of the portal interface, and he would have a free ride.
    No way.

    If a second clients can pass through  the portal right away after a first client did login (with a password, voucher, whatever) then all your visitors are using the same IP and MAC. This means that your AP is in router mode.

    You probably deactivated the "router-mode" of you AP.
    That's why every thing works now as advertised  ;)

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