Upgrade to 2.2 and Squid (transparent mode) + SquidGuard ..running not blocking

  • This forum has been very helpful.  I am still struggling to get SquidGuard working on my pfsense 2.2 upgrade.  I did notice the shared library not being found.  This caused SquidGuard not to start.  I thought all was working after a reinstall of squidguard but when my reboot cron job ran at 12:15am  SquidGuard failed to start with the shared library message again.  I reinstalled it and it is running again.
    HOWEVER, I can't get it to block the categories I have blocked … perhaps it is related to the shared library ... not sure.  I am not a pfsense guru at all!  I have used this forum for the past 3 years to keep pfsense running solid.

    Any ideas on thins I could try to look at when Squid (transparent) + squidguard are running but pages aren't being blocked per the categories configured.



  • Hi,

    I'm also having the same problem on the 2.2.1 update.
    i have also tried this: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=73640.0

    although the service is now starting it's not blocking website as per categories.

    Have you found a solution yet?