Widget "Captive Portal Status" small bug

  • The widget "Captive Portal Status" contains a smal visual bug.

    To see the effect:
    You should have more then one portal user connected.
    Like this:

    more users connected will be fine also.

    Now, disconnect a user with the "grey cross button" at the left side.

    When this button is clicked, someting like this is sent:


    &showact will be set … to 0 (zéro).

    Now, have a look at line 75:

    $showact = isset($_GET['showact']) ? 1 : 0;

    $showwact will be set to "1" because 'showact' 'isset' (and has a value of 0 (zéro))  ;D

    Result: have a look at your screen: the widget breaks visually because two more columns are shown.

    I have tested and propose this for line:

    $showact = (isset($_GET['showact']) && ($_GET['showact'] == 1)) ? 1 : 0;

  • Noticed the widget breaking a couple of days ago. Gonna try out your solution.

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