"import"/use vouchers from a broken box

  • Hi,
    is there a way to import/use vouchers generated on (now) broken pfsense box or do i need to generate them newly?

    regards, sumartho

  • Hi there!

    i want to switch from monowall to pfsense. Everything ist already set up and the pfSense is running fine :)
    Now i want to import the generated and not yet used voucher codes into pfsense so i don´t have to generate new ones and exchanging all the codes which are already in use.

    I connected via WinSCP and searched all the file system but the only files (db´s) i can find are the used and the active vouchers.
    I also searched the file "services_captiveportal_vouchers.php" to find the correct db or file the unused vouchers are in.
    Was not successful at all :(

    Any help appreciated :)

  • Hey ho,

    okay - got it!
    The Vouchers are generated "ont he fly" with the file "usr/local/bin/voucher". As written in the documentation the vouchers are generated based on an RSA Key.
    That means there is NO Database in wich the NOT USED Vouchers are stored!!

    So i manipulated the config.xml file and did an import of this config. I needed some trials because monowall and pfsense have a slightly different format but figured it out. After "importing" the Vouchers i still had to mark the already used Vouchers within the function in the portal section but everything is working fine :)

    So anybody having the same problem try this method!

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