Cant access wan if captive portal enabled

  • hi,

    i am still new, my setup is as follows:
    i set up the firewall on wan and lan to pass any protocol to any port.
    no nating rules are setup
    trafic shaping is set as default exept i didnt enable gaming prioties

    the problem i am having if captive portal is enabled, the internet stops

    any help will be appreciated.

    if any body knows a good tutorial site how to create and deal with firewall rules and natting will be appreciated too.

    thanks a lot in advance


  • Turning on the captive portal does make the internet stop (that's intended) unless your client authenticates. You can assign special  IPs or MACs that can bypass the captive portal if needed (so they are always allowed). I'm not sure if I get you right though.

  • I think what he means is that he cant reach the WAN even though captive portal is working? If that is a case try to add secondary DNS as

    And try to check your local comp configuration

  • hi,

    yes ur right, i meant i can't reach wan, i tried changing the dns issued by my isp to but nothing changed, still cant reach wan. all clients configuration are set to take automatic ip's from my server, and no proxy was added to the explorer, coz i am running squid in transparent mode.

    thank ur trial to help me

  • Make sure you have DNS servers entered in system general.

    Make sure the clients are using the LAN interface as the DNS server.

  • thanks sullrich that did it, ur great.