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  • I really like the visual LED speed graph found in another thread here. I was thinking of a simpler approach with the webgui widget -Traffic Graph- In a second monitor(40 inch HDMI) Full Screen.
    Is this possible?

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    In theory it should be possible, the graphs are SVG and should scale infinitely, but how to get them there is the question. You could take the widget and alter the various sizes and layout to suit your screens in a stand-alone page.

  • Thanks for helping. I have been thinking this thru before acting. I have a question regarding the SVG object embedded in the CSS(the graph) while looking at the page source in my browser. Where is the SVG object generated? On the client machine or the pfsense box? I am assuming pfSense is using a web server to dish up the web configurator?  Am I correct to assume the client side would be best way to implement this?

    I was thinking of using Ubuntu (as dual screen is well supported) and use the SVG object as the background on the "extended desktop". I see that Enlightment17 allows for animated/changing desktop background so may look at that too.
    I am worried about logging-on to the pf box with this approach. I see that being the issue on anything but a second browser window approach. I also see SVT as browser background in Firefox.

    Am I correct that the Traffic Graphs -SVG- is not really a video format but more like M-JPEG is just a series of stills…. What sets the framerate or refresh rate? I am assuming the SVG feed is just a bunch of X,Y dots or points? Such as an AI file or any vector file. What is generating this data?

    I see that SVG allows for easy formatting regarding graph size and colors which is a plus.

    Thanks for helping. Frank

  • I see this post seems to be related to my cause. Very helpful info.  I can see from his code that int= is the interval rate. I do see the authentication problem is more work than implementing the graph.


    sample code:

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