Unable to Communicate to anything within LAN connections

  • I have an OpenVPN tunnel built and authenticating via LDAP. I can access the web gui on both LAN address just fine, but I'm unable to access anything on these networks even though when I built the tunnel I put one of the networks as the Local Network. Looking at the firewall logs, http, https, icmp, etc are all passing just fine… according to the logs, but yet they are not as I get no response. I pushed routes in the advanced settings, but still am unable to connect to anything. From pfSense, I can run Nmap and scan everything from each network, even (with temp firewall rules in place) scan from one interface into the other network. But no matter what I put into the OpenVPN firewall rule, I still can't get beyond just accessing the pfSense gui. Attached is a diagram of how this is setup. Nothing fancy and I've done this before and it's worked. Please note, this is running in VMware and there are two interfaces on the LAN side, both are tagged VLANs, one is 120 the other is 121.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I need several pictures - You pfsense server setup page, your system > general page and your firewall pages for LAN, WAN and Openvpn

  • Attached are the screenshots you requested. I also ran some pings from my workstation that is on the VPN trying to ping a known server that pfSense can ping. Where is the "server setup page" at? Is that the same as the general setup?

    Thank you very much!

  • Post a physical network map with IP's.  Post your openvpn config (server1.conf).

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