Captive Portal

  • I like the captive portal plugin but need to limit the total volume in MB per ticket (both up and down as a total) to a variable limit but say 100MB…
    I am willing to pay to get the feature added to captive portal.

  • OK I can see I need the RADIUS plugin for this which is fine…
    I would like to use two Ethernet sockets but assume this is not strictly needed as the RADIUS can be pushed out to a wifi access point, would this then keep a tag on how much data a person uses ? I would have thought not so I will probably need two ethernet sockets so data actually goes through the router...?
    I will be using Ubiquity UniFi wifi points...
    any points suggestions help gratefully received.

  • Explain your setup more clearly.

    U can limit the amount of MBs with RADIUS. Doesn't Mather if yoiu use a AP or not.

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