Firewall is blocking itself out?

  • I have trouble with all forms of TCP Connections that are randomly dropped. Sometimes the web configurator refuse to load and I have to press F5 like 5-10 times Before the page loads.

    I then checked the firewall logs, and see the following (see attachment).

    What are really happening? Why are the firewall blocking its own reply traffic?
    (I have webconfiguratior set to HTTP, not HTTPS, the webconfigurator anti-lockout rule is in Place, and I also added a floating rule with immediate match, that tells it to permit any traffic with a source of in any direction)

    Also, same problem with a VPN Client Connection over TCP, but then the firewall shows (Black Arrow) WAN, and then the WAN source IP, and then the destination IP for the site-to-site VPN server.

    Seems like trouble with "RELATED, ESTABLISHED" and states.

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