OpenBGPD - USD 200 - Now 600$

  • USD 200 offered for OpenBGPD GUI improvements.

    This description below is as far as my needs are concerned. DJMizt might refine.

    -Make the whole thing work when installed: Right now some modifications in the openbgpd.conf need to be done in order to start the service. Obviously we want the daemon to start when activated in the GUI. :-)
    -Expand/Collapse for the reporting: Make the reporting more usable if full BGP feeds are being displayed. It does not matter how this is solved, either by using an expand/collapse functionality or a separate tab/button to display the feed. The goal is to get a status without having hundreds of lines to scroll down.
    -Filtering feature: Implement filtering capabilities.
    -Make the daemon work eBGP and iBGP (which is basically the same, I know, but just to be on the safe side that this is a requirement. :-) )
    -Make BGP work with CARP. (which again should already be the case without modification imho)
    -Make BGP work on all/morethantwo interfaces. (which can be accomplished now already by using as the router IP afaik but again just to be on the safe side.)
    -Logging capability
    -Intuitive GUI: Good descriptions for all the features as in the rest of this fine product (in the context of the individual option) plus
    building "logic" for things that exclude/include each other (e.g. radio button or checkbox for "static" or "connected", etc.) in order to make it less likely to commit errors when configuring. This is not a good definition of this "feature" I know, but if we get into the region of the rest of the product, that would be nice.

    -Implement OpenBGPD into the diskless install, just like RIP. I find this a very useful requirement, but am willing to keep up the bounty if the implementation is done only "the package way". Of course a router should rather run on CF but I would like to avoid philosophical discussions. Please note that other bounty offers might depend on this.
    NEW: Looking Glass optional - This should rather go under a status or reporting column just to make the bgp config part more coherent:
    -Looking Glass: Add Looking Glass for troubleshooting.

  • Another $200 to the bounty

    just to add some things to Bill's requirements(some could be overlapped):

    1. Openbgpd be part of the main distribution and not a package (essentially added to the embedded image)
    2. bgpd can be passed options like -c (carp) -n (configtest) etc. during startup
    3. ability to create macros (separated tab?)
    4. add the full list of "neighbor" options i.e. 'depend on (interface)' ; max prefix, etc.
    5. separate tab for Filter creation or a filter creation wizard where each filter can be created independently (similar to how you can create different firewall filters now)
    5. separate tab for Attributes creation - again should follow the filter creation on #5
    6. ability to enable/disable filter and attribute entries (critical for new peering turn-ups)
    7. ability to re-load a previous configuration file (back up config file feature)
    8. change the way "status" tab works (right now it does a "#bgpctl show rib" everytime you click on it - this is a disadvantage when you have full bgp routes) maybe make it so that its a clickable reporting system where you can select which report you want to see.
    9. A sanity test of the config file before doing a bgpctl reload (maybe do a bgpd -n first?)

    (Optional) add bgplg and bgplgsh for a looking glass feature

  • A colleague is going to spend another $ 200.

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  • I somehow did not see this thread.  I am the original author of the package we have now.

    Feel free to start a new bounty thread for this and email me at the thread URL if you decide to reopen it (I am interested in working on it).

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