IPv6 and captive portal

  • Hi all!

    I enabled captive portal and now my clients can`t get IPv6 address, even after auth.
    Is this a known problem?


  • I have / had the same question.
    I guess the default ipfw portal firewall doesn't handle IPV6 DHCP requests yet.
    Furthermore, the entire authentication is more or less IPv4 based - so your visitors NEED to get an IPv4 to be able to get out.

    Do you have a DHCP IPv6 server activated ? IPv6 Firewall pass rules are present on the portal interface ?
    Maybe, after identification on the portal, activated the DHCP client your device and see what happens.

    I guess that ipfw will block them…. I never gave it a try.

    Portal authentication that is IPv6-ready will be there in the future, but it will need a complete portal code rewrite.

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    As noted above, there is no IPv6 support in CP. (Also, I don't create any "default" any->any IPv6 rule on CP interfaces, so the traffic will get blocked by pf no matter what ipfw does.)

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