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  • Why is the web configurator not changeable ?

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    Eeeeeh? Do not overwhelm us with so many details!

  • Sorry, I think I got too sleepy.  ::)  I mean, the web configurator certificate can't be changed.  Whenever I choose the certificate I created it creates another instance of the existing pfsense certificate and use that instead.  So the list continues and not changeable.

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    I have never seen "Signature pending" is it just a CSR?  That won't work, bro.

    Yeah, you have to create a server certificate, not a certificate signing request(CSR).  Unless you want to create a CSR to be signed by another Authority.  Then you have to send it to them, they send you back a signed cert, and you have to import it.

  • Hello

    I've got a similar problem, but this is With a signed certificate from an official certificate provider.

    I've requested a certificate for my Public domain, and I've gotten the certificate, and imported it via the Cert Manager in the webGUI.

    The problem occurs when I try to Access the webGUI after I change the SSL certificate used to Access the webGUI. After the change I'm not able to even get the login-screen.

    A revert of a backup and resetting the webConfigurator gets me back to before the SSL certificate change, but thats not a solution.

    Any ideas?

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    Don't know.  Works for me every time.  You'll have to provide more details as to what you're doing.

  • I've requested a web-server certificate from StartSSL, and imported the private and Public key data during the Certificate-wizard in the webGUI.

    The certificate is added successfully and I can choose it from the Advanced menu for the webconfigurator certificate.

    Once I've done this it tries to redirect me to the webGUI once again, but then I won't get Access the GUI.

    Pic of the certificate in the Cert Manager:

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    Once I've done this it tries to redirect me to the webGUI once again, but then I won't get Access the GUI.

    What do you get?

    Also import the StartCOM Class 1 Server certificate as a CA so the webConfigurator can serve both the host and intermediate certificates.  It should show the intermediate CA instead of external when you look at server certs.

  • I have already added StartCom as a CA, by importing their CA Certificate.

    When changing the SSL certificate I get a timeout response from the firewall.

    It's even trying to redirect to the same address I already was on. https://domain.com:myport/etc..

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    If you added the startcom root, Delete it.

    You need to add the startcom class 1 server intermediate CA.

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  • Done and done. Waiting for a New certificate from StartSSL just to make sure that the private key isn't botched.

    Will post back here when I try the New cert.

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    That should be fail on import.  How old is this webConfig certificate you're replacing?  What are you testing from?  Shot in the dark but if it's older (like XP pre-SP3 I think) you might be seeing an incompatibility with SHA256-signed certs.

  • The certificate i'm replacing is a self-signed cert from an internal CA created on the pfsense.

    I thought I'd get a cert from a known issuer to not have cert errors while accessing the firewall.

    The cert is issued this year, so rather New.

  • After adding Your CA info, I saw that I'd added the Client CA info -.-

    When I added Your info the cert was recognized as a StartCom cert, but I still get the same error when trying to Access the https://mydomain.com:myport to Access my firewall..

    I cant Access the webGUI at any Level.. not FQDN, external IP, internal IP or anything..

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    No idea.  Works for me every time.  Have you tried another client host?  Another browser?

  • Tried different browsers, but not another computer. Will try a phone or something, accessing it from the outside

    EDIT: Same problem, even from outside. This is starting to be mildly annoying

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    pm your hostname:port.  I'd be happy to see what I see from here.

  • PM'd you now

  • I solved the problem.

    The Cert from StartSSL was botched, and since I didnt want to spend 25 bucks revoking it, I bought another from SSLs.com for 8 bucks.

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