How to set vpn client system connection using cli?

  • Hello
    We have a working Pfsense openvpn server,  with clients connecting many different ways.  So far client set up is done using a gui on client end.

    What I need to do is get a non gui  Debian system to work using cli only.  We are using version debian version: 2.3.2-7~bpo70+2

    I assume a Pfsense  'Standard Configuration Archive ' will be used.

    Could someone please point me to documentation or threads etc  on how to set  vpn client system connection ?

    best regards, Rob Fantini

  • OK I found this link:  which gave me the clues to set up.

    cd /etc/openvpn
    ln -s  XX-udp-1194-bsdp.ovpn client.conf
    service openvpn start

    It asks for a name and password , I'll figure out how to store that next.

    then check connection with:

    ifconfig tun0

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