Gaming over IPSEC?

  • I was wondering if anyone had any tips or experience with having multi player games over IPSEC Tunnels?  So far I have been unsuccessful.  I have almost all my local gaming buddies on pfSense and we all have tunnels to each others LANs.  We want to be able to play games like starcraft, diablo, warcraft, etc together without having to use the and similar services.  I haven't found much information on this and am hoping someone could shed some light on this or point me in a good direction.  Thanks a bunch!

  • I have once setup something like that for some friends of mine and it was working fine. There are some things that you have to consider:

    When playing over IPSEC you are in different subnets and broadcasts to announce a server in you LAN won't make it from one subnet to the other. You have to manually join the IP of the server to join a game. Built in "LAN-Browsers" won't work. Most games have an option to manually specify a server IP.

    The server should be hosted at the fastest connection. On asymetric connections the upstream is usually even more important than the downstream. The traffic of all clients will be concentrated on that link so better choose the one with the highest available bandwidth and not the one with the fastes machine.

    Besides that it should usually work (given that you allow the ports through IPSEC that the games need; maybe start with pass any rules for testing first).

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