WebGUI slow when WAN is down

  • I am noticing that whenever our WAN is down, pfSense runs at a crawl. Although the WebGUI is painfully slow, it doesn't time out. Only when the WAN link is 100% operational does the system run smooth. I found the following BUG documentation, however, this was from several years ago. Surely this has been resolved. Does anyone else experience this issue?

    I am seeing that the possible causes are DNS.


  • Do you use the pfsense as a DNS forwarder or a DNS resolver?

    And do you Connect to the webGUI through a FQDN or IP-address?

    It can still be an issue if it Wastes time trying to resolve DNS requests that it can't forward.

  • I experienced this the other day multi wan setup did not have defualt wan switching enabled, do now its better but still not great

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