Supress ntopng alert message to pacify syslog

  • Hi!

    I find that the flood threshold levels cant be edited in the ntop settings page and not in the ntop web gui. At least it doesnt have any effect. So the ntop alert logs and the pfsense syslogs full of flow flood mesages, which is normal because of the heavy traffic. But i dont want to see the flow flood alerts. Its generated tousands in one night!

    I made my own modification in the ntopng.xml and its working great.

    This patch add an extra checkbox to the ntop settings page after the historical data, so you can safely disable/enable the alert logging without changing anything in the console.
    Please implement this option official if its possible or fix the bug that the flood thresholds cant be editable.

    Thank you guys!


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's a good idea. I added a slight variation of this to the package, it will be up later today.

  • Thanks! :)

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