OpenVPN with NAT 1:1

  • Hello,

    I have a rather complex setup of 3 sites using IPSec Bridging so I cannot change the IP Addresses and Networks, in my primary site, we use the Network and the other 2 being the and What I am trying to do is setup OpenVPN for remote access by our contract workers and road warriors where we don't have control of the IP Address from the remote network. This is because some of the remote networks use the same Private Network space (e. From my research, it seems I have to setup 1:1 NAT but am unsure of the settings. I have configured IP Sect to use a as its private network for arranging but how do I setup pfsense so that a Remote Client can say type in a address of and it maps to in my network. Thank You.

  • How about pushing a default gateway to the clients so that all the traffic would go through your interface?

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