Install help Ocean City NJ

  • Help with installation.

    I am looking for some one to either help me via phone or give you access to the box remotely or on site set up of s pfsense for a free wireless network for a 180 unit apartment building located in Ocean City NJ, with 18 Access points wired into a switch. I think with someones telephone help I set it up quickly. We are going to use it for authentication, and its captive portal, and later firewall. We need the Lan DCHP server issuing a large number of IPs. right now I have 3 AP installed for testing purposes. I am technical but when it comes to IP , I am semi retarded, understand it, but have not used PFsense before.

    I already installed pfsense and have it running with 2 gig NIC cards. can access it from another comupter with GUI,  but do not have LAN internet access.

    This could be over the phone. It is not a big budget project, just need someone for a few hours to help and consult.

    To most here this would be simple, to me not so. I can do simple networking.

  • pm me if you need some help

  • Pm me if you still need help with this

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