Got it mostly done, but need help with routing and security

  • 1. I am trying to set up a linux server with a VM (VirtualBox) running pfSense.

    This is how it supposed to look:

    So far, I have server and VM running. I have internet on br0 (I know, because there is also wlan bridged to br0, and I get internet on wifi clients that connect to it), but the entire server stack is still connected directly to eth0.

    How do I redirect the host's traffic completely to br0 and through pfSense VM?

    2. The second question is about security, once this all is set up. Actually, it's a two part question:

    My ISP gives my a public IP address, and it is assigned to MAC. I think I know* how to do it so that pfSense VM bridged to eth0 gets this IP/MAC.

    However: will then the server be completely unreachable and secure from WAN?

    3. * - I will leave eth0 with some random MAC and automatic DHCP (I just checked and the card receives ip of This way, it will be unable to connect to internet, and  I also assume the internet will be unable to connect to it.

    The reason I plan to leave the external port on DHCP  is that if something goes wrong, I will be able to instruct somebody on site (I will not be there) to plug this eth0 into a router to which their laptop is connected and then I will be able to do maintenance on the box using Teamviewer installed on that laptop (which is connected to internet using another network). Is this sound thinking or is there something wrong with it?

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