[SOLVED] Code to make dummy form and submit itself (hidden/auto) [RENAMED]

  • EDIT: Solved it myself.. instead of submitting the form, I used jQuery button submit:

    $( '#accept' ).click()

    (PS – this code below may be pretty useful to some of you............. edited to working code)

    (original topic: Dummy form submits itself, doesn't work, but manual click works?)


    For some reason I'm having trouble with a custom POST – if I make a form with javascript and submit it, then it just refreshes the page. However, if I make a form and manually press the button, it redirects fine!

    What is the php post code for a successful login without authentication? Maybe this will help me.. let's say redirect url is cnn.com

    http://pfsip:8000/index.php?redirurl=cnn.com&accept=(the name of the button?? or is this the portal action?)

    If anyone can clarify, that'd be great -- thanks!

    If curious, here is what I'm doing:

    1. On page load, I get the value of 2 dummy inputs and place in vars "RedirURL" and "PortalAction"

    2. This code generates a dummy form and submits itself... but for some reason when I programatically (is that a word? lol) submit, it just refreshes and doesn't log client in ... but if i just generate the button, click it manually, works fine. Strange! Using this:

    // Create dummy form and submit
            var submit_form = document.createElement('form');
            submit_form.method = 'POST';
            submit_form.action = PortalAction; // Obtained from $PORTAL_ACTION$ temp element
            submit_form.display =  'hidden';
            // redirurl
            var input_redirurl = document.createElement('input');
            input_redirurl.name = 'redirurl';
            input_redirurl.type = 'HIDDEN';
            input_redirurl.value = RedirURL; // Obtained from $PORTAL_REDIRURL$ temp element
            // submit btn
            var btnSubmit = document.createElement('input');
            btnSubmit.name = 'accept';
            btnSubmit.type = 'SUBMIT';
            btnSubmit.value = 'accept';
            // Add to form and submit
            $( '#accept' ).click()

    (I'm using PFS for 2 devices at the same time, if you are wondering why I must do it this way – When the user logs in main form, it goes thru a bunch of javascript functions before finally making a PFS form and submitting itself. 99% works... just this submit button not working correctly unless manually clicked)

  • Hi Dylan,

    THANK YOU !!!

    After days searching on Google, I still couln't figure out what was happening with my "programatically ;)" submit button, then I found this topic !
    I have the EXACT SAME issue, what a relief to find someone who could finally solve this.

    I'm a beginner in html/js and stuff (started only 2 weeks ago) so I just copy/pasted your code which did…
    Nothing :(

    Then I noticed the last line looked like jQuery stuff (you confirmed this at the beginning of this topic), so I thought it would be a good idea to add this to my code :

    but it didn't help.

    Of course I changed PortalAction and RedirURL to my own variables.
    I also put alert('xxx') right before and right after your code : I can see both but nothing happens.

    Since I know nothing in jQuery, I don't know if I should add a ; right after the last line of code :

    $( '#accept' ).click()

    I tried though, but it didn't change anything neither.

    Thanks to you I'm really close to the behavior I want to get from my portal page, but maybe I need help from a more experienced person.
    Could you suggest something obvious I may have missed ?

    I can post my code if needed, but it's part of a biggest website so it would look a bit weird out of its context).

    Edit :
    I changed PortalAction and RedirURL to static urls, didn't help.
    I also commented this line :

    //submit_form.display =  'hidden';

    Shouldn't I be able to see the form appear on the page then ? I mean, btnSubmit should be visible, right ?

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