PS3 Intermittent NAT Type 2 and 3 with pfSense on ESXi

  • I have been scouring the internet for a few days trying to figure this out.

    Running a connection test on my PS3 gives me alternating NAT type 2 and NAT type 3 and also UPnP alternates from available to not available. If I restart UPnP service, it will work for a short time with UPnP Available and NAT Type 2. After a while it changes to NAT 3 and UPnP not available.

    My current setup is
    OFFICE: Cable Modem ->  ESXi 5.5 -> pfSense 2.2 (VM) -> TrendNET Gigabit Switch -> Netgear R7000 (Birdge Mode)

    LIVINGROOM: PS3 (Ethernet) -> ASUS RT-AC66R (Media Bridge Mode connected to R7000)

    I'm using the ASUS router with a few other devices wired to it as well so I can free up wireless congestion. I've done just about every configuration that I can think of. I'm running Squid3, but have the PS3's IP in the source bypass. Below are some screenshots of my setup. Firewall rules only include the default rules.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • I have seen similar behaviour.

    I finally determined that a router was the cause (even firmware updates did not help it).

    I think your pfsense configuration is fine.

  • Well, for the time being I have stopped using pfsense Due to some other network complications. I now always have UPNP working and NAT Type 2.

  • If you have a chance for one more time, I can give you a try with my configure. My configure have got it working with Type 2 and UPNP available and also Steam and Xbox showing NAT 2. Just don't give up so we can help you for solve the problem.

    You can leave the hybrid nat but it is your opinion.

    The pictures is in attached. Try same as this.

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