Make a hotspot

  • sorry i have a final project to make hotspot with pfsense,there can support IPv6
    can pfsense support IPv6?
    can i make hotspot using pfsense?
    i need your help,how to make it better.could someone help me please….
    thanks for your attention

  • pfSense doesn't support IPv6 currently. Besides that the feature that you are looking for is called captive portal, so if you are fine with IPv4 only the answer is yes.

  • but i have read some articles said pfsense is support IPv6
    hmmm…..can u help me where i can get make hotspot with pfsense?

  • Download and install pfSense. Then navigate to service>captive portal in the webgui. It's pretty selfexplaining from there on.

  • hmmm in my project i will compare hotspot with pfsense and mikrotik
    can anyone tell what parameter that i can use for compare pfsense and mikrotik
    thanks a lot

  • I don't understand the question. Best you can do is install both and test them out. Then choose which works best for you.

  • i mean i want to to compare the performance make a hotspot using pfsense with make  a hotepot using mikrotik
    what're specific thing that i can compare??
    like in security, performance n etc.
    do it have same performance

  • They are completely different by design and operating system. You have to do the comparison yourself. I think nobody did something like that yet.

  • Microtik will beat pfSense in wireless performance, the driver they use are developed by microtik and is much better. The rest is pretty much the same.

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