Large Scale Wireless Distribution

  • Hi Everyone,

    I need some advice if possible. Here's the situation: We're a small company that provides mostly IT support to other companies. However, we're branching out into providing internet access to "less fortunate" people. We need to provide stable wireless internet access with authentication to a retirement home of at least 150 users.

    How we're thinking of approaching it, is the same as using PFSense as a Wifi HotSpot. We would have a single VDSL Line to provide the internet. Ideally, we want to to create a hotspot and then add numerous wireless access points around the retirement home to distribute it to each block. Inside each home we want to add a router for user authentication to these access points.

    PFSense seems ideal because of the various features that will be usable in this situation. For obvious reasons, we want to spend as little money on this project as possible. My questions are:

    Will PFSense work for what we need?
    If so, can it be used on such a scale?

    I'm sure i'm missing quite a few key components/problems, however i'm open to any suggestions. I have not done something this extensive yet, so any help would be appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    150 users is nothing.  If you put pfSense on an APU it would probably be fine.  One of the new Atom C2000s would be more than enough.

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