• Hello there

    I've recently started using Squid 3 and LightSquid to Proxy my webtraffic and to monitor bandwidth usage.

    So far, it's looking great, but I read a part about caching Windows updates and I think I activated this option, either via the GUI menu of Squid 3 or the ported settings from Squid 2 about custom settings of retaining Windows Updates.

    Is there any way I can check if the updates are being cached or not?

  • You could do a tail -f /var/squid/logs/access.log and see if you get hits or misses when manually running Windows Update, or you could update a client and watch the bandwidth monitor to see if there is WAN activity that matches the LAN activity.  No WAN activity + large LAN activity means it's using the cache.  Just be warned though.  I have played with Dynamic Content caching in the past and it was not reliable for me.    Every request for a segment of the download would cause the entire file to be downloaded, so a 100MB update ended up making Squid download many gigabytes.  My WAN was saturated for an hour while LAN was flat.  I disabled Dynamic Content after that.