• Hi there,

    I use ident daemons/services on PCs to identify the workstation name and the user that is logged in. I'm doing this currently with rndware's WinIdentD, but that seems to be a stale project and has a memory leak in it, so the longer the service stays running, the more memory it consumes on the box. Regardless, it will reply to an ident request, unlike Retina Scan which I cannot get to reply with anything proper at all.

    From squid [v2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.6] with WinIdentSvc in active (debug) mode, I see request/reply traffic.

    From squid [v3.4.10_2 pkg 0.2.6 platform: 2.2] with WinIdentSvc in active (debug) mode, I see none.

    Checking the access.log file, squid3 is not logging anything where this should be - It just has a "-". Squid2 logs the username properly.

    I'm running in transparent mode on a custom port (8080) with the following additional options set in the custom options:

    http_port [LAN IP]:8080 transparent;
    ident_lookup_access allow all;
    ident_timeout 3 seconds

    I'd love to move to squid3 because of the virus scanning, etc. but also need ident to work.

    Can anything be done to make that a reality?