Enable "times" for squidguard default acl

  • in "group acl" we can set different deny-allow directives according to a "time" variable we have, but this function does not exist in "default acl"

    I have tried to add it from squidguard.inc and squidguard_acl.xml  but my php skill is limited and failed

    can anybody help please

  • Why do you need to schedule the common ACL?  Put global blocks like porn in the common ACL, and all other specific blocks or allows can be handled by group ACLs.

  • ı have added a sms self registration feature and self registerd users are controlled by default acl, so ı need  it, ı dont want to let them to choose a group acl, it would be nonsense

  • I don;t think I understand what you're doing exactly, but your users don't pick their ACL.  You create one or more groups to handle custom ACL and assign your user's IP address to the group.  Then you can associate a schedule with the Group ACL.  I do this so that specific users only have access to social media sites during lunchtime, for instance.

  • sorry for not being clear, I solved it creating a group acl at the last order and assignin my network as source like you said thanks