Ayuda para crear Aliases!!!

  • Mi duda es, cual es la diferencia un tipo de alias Host y Network?

  • Rebel Alliance

    En la Documentación Oficial tienes informacion respecto a ese y muchos temas mas.


    Host = 1 IP / FQDN = 1 PC/Server/Dispositivo (ejemplo:

    Enter as many hosts as you would like. Hosts must be specified by their IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN). FQDN hostnames are periodically re-resolved and updated. If multiple IPs are returned by a DNS query, all are used.

    Network = Varias IP = Segmento de Red (ejemplo:

    Networks are specified in CIDR format. Select the CIDR mask that pertains to each entry. /32 specifies a single IPv4 host, /128 specifies a single IPv6 host, /24 specifies, /64 specifies a normal IPv6 network, etc. Hostnames (FQDNs) may also be specified, using a /32 mask for IPv4 or /128 for IPv6. You may also enter an IP range such as and a list of CIDR networks will be derived to fill the range.