• Hello!

    I have a problem with the Captive Portal.

    My config.: Pentium 4, 512MB RAM.

    WAN: - This is my Internet.
    LAN: - This lan connect to my router.

    The problem is when I connect to the Router with two device and writing the username / password in Captive portal at PC1 and authenticated after PC2 not need to authenticate - I can use Internet connection too and others…

    If I finished it ask aking all PC to login at CP.

    I need a solution how to make to all PC need to login in Captive Portal and after use the Internet over Wifi.

    Internet <- (WAN) pfSense (LAN) -> MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)  ((((wifi)))) PC1, PC2

  • This is a classic problem.

    Your "MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)" is running in router mode.
    This should be shut down - it should operate as an ordinary AP.
    Check also that the DHCP server on "MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)" has been shut down.

    What probably happened is that your PC is connecting to the "MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)", and the router connects to pfsense. pfsense only sees the "MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)" IP and MAC. Ones logged in, an other device connected by wifi (or wire) on the "MyRouter(TP-LINK - Wireless)" have the same result, but the router IP and MAC are already known, so it passes without identification.
    The issue is: pfsense isn"'t seeing the IP of the Wifi device, neither its MAC

    Btw: are you sure that "" is an "Internet" IP or do you have yet another router, not being shown in your network-setup image ? ;) (nothing wrong with that - but it would be better if pfsense really 'sees' an "Internet IP").

  • Yes, I have another router, and thank you the fast answer!