Download Quota Captive protal & Freeradius

  • Hello everyone, i hope that you have a nice day !

    I hope that someone can help me to resolve a problem with captive portal and Freeradius. I'm searching a solution since 2 days and i didn't find anything.

    To begin, here is my config:

    PFSense 2.1.5 i386
    Freeradius 2.1.12_1/2.2.5_3 pkg v1.6.10

    In captive portal settings:

    • radius authentication
    • check send RADIUS accounting packets
    • stop/start accounting
    • reauthenticate connected users every minute
      In FreeRadius settings:
    • Check disable Acct_Unique

    All work fine until we decide to implement a daily amount of download/upload.

    i create a test user and i configure an amount of download/upload daily.

    I install freemeter to control my computer's internet traffic.

    i begin a streaming and after few seconds, freemeter show me an UP/Down total traffic of about 40 MB and when i look system log, i see an entry "used amount of daily traffic by testUser is 990 MB of 1000 MB! …"

    All ideas are welcome, i try to modify the as decribe in, i try to mofidy, but without success !!!!

    Thanks a lot.

    I'm french and i'm sorry for my bad english !!! :-[