Openvpn setup page broke in 1.2?

  • I tried to add an Openvpn server service, I add in my "Address pool" (unused subnet), and go to enter the "Local network" but the field seems to be broke - it doesnt let me type in there, its not greyed out, its just 'dead'.

    is it broken? isnt this a required setting for the vpn clients to access local network nodes?

  • using firefox?

  • Make sure you allow javascript in your browser. If it's disabled some of the formfields won't work properly.

  • yes - ff and ie7 dont work.
    yes java is on, i can go to all kinds of java sites without issue, but are those fields even java??

    The same happens at 3 different sites that have pf, using different computers to access the gui.

    the field seems to be greyed out.

    Also if I try to add a vpn client the following fields are greyed out:

    CA certificate
    Client certificate
    Client key

    -are those not important also?

  • Are you really really really sure that you know what you're trying?

    You know that the fields you are talking about are greyed out when you selected as authentication method "Shared Key" and only even have a function if you select "Public Key Infrastructure"?

    Try to familiarize yourself with how openVPN works (what commands/options do what) on

  • I am absolutely really really unsure of what I am doing - thats why Im here, thus questions like "isnt this a required setting for the vpn clients to access local network nodes?" - and yet you are the first one to answer.

    pfsense is just a wrapper for openvpn, so the guides on the openvpn site are pretty close to irrelevant (though I have looked through several), so i have been following the guides on the forum here, and going through the steps sequentially 1-by-1 - this step you refer to is further down, and then I would need to back track to set the local subnet - no one states that, its just assumed - thus my complete and utter confusion.

    i have used several dozen other routing platforms, and each and everyone has similar and yet completely different procedures for every function. I am not an expert at pf as some may be here, so i follow the instruction of others, when they are unclear it makes things difficult, a thought for more complete clarity ;)

  • pfSense is not much more than a GUI to create the openVPN config file.

    The best thing for you would probably be to set up a OpenVPN connection between two computers that have nothing to do with pfSense.
    Just to get to know which command does what and how openVPN handels things.
    Writing a config file yourself can work wonders regarding the understanding of how a programm works ;)

    If you have questions about specific commands just ask them. :)

  • Don't know about your scenario. Maybe this gets you going:,7840.0.html
    Got me flying within minutes - without further knowledge about OpenVPN and certificate generation…

  • i got it going thanks to GruensFroeschli's tip - you just need to follow the steps like this:

    instead of the assumed:

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