• Looks like a nice platform is there any M.2 slot Atheros Wifi cards available?

    What about the mini-pci-e slot with Sim. Does it support USB interfaced/Mini-PCIe 3G type modules? Like the Sierra MC7700 modules… I thought at first it was M.2 slot with SIM for newer cards like EM7355.

  • The RCC-VE platform does not support M.2.  It has two mini-PCIe slots and one mSATA.  One of the mini-PCIe slots has a SIM connector and also has a jumper option to connect a USB to the mini-PCIe for 3G/LTE cards.


  • Thanks for looking that up. The Netgate site had m.2 connector on the description but its since been updated.

  • Thanks for joining in, vahokie.


    Thanks for looking that up.

    Considering he's a senior hardware engineer at ADI, I'm guessing he didn't have to look it up even. :)

  • I like the jumper approach for injecting the usb signaling into the Mini pci-e slot interface. That way the slot could be used for either cdce ethernet type modules for Linux/QMI and USB type modules for DirectIP modes. Bravo.

  • I knew i saw M.2 somewhere on the netgate site. I see this is a Q2-2015 future board..


  • Good job on 5 knockouts for antennas. You got it all covered there for 4G MIMO, Wifi MIMO and GPS.

  • What is the chance of getting a board with 4 Mini-PCI-e slots I think the industry is missing the mark in limiting expandability. I want to be able to run 2 Cellular modems and 2 wifi modules but no smallish X86 platforms exists with such capabilities. The PCI-E lanes are there. Is it that hard to add more capability? I realize you must balance cost with features.  Real estate is obviously demanding in a nano factor but I see the underside underutilized in most boards. I need more expansion slots.. Some could be half-mini sized slots as well for the wifi.. 2 Sim slots for the dual 4G as well.

    Gateworks Uses ARM-No X86. Has lots of slots..

    I m not sure if i am just a demanding user or ahead of the curve, but there is my wishlist.
    Thanks for listening.

  • i was under the assumption that the M.2  in the RCC-DFF-2220 would be related to wireless use.

    I see from this that is also used as a M-SATA replacment form factor..


    Is the M.2 slot for storage or wireless on the DFF-2220?

  • Are you the guy who plays "chess by snail mail" with yourself?  ;D

  • No, but this thread started about the new M.2 slot so that before I plunk down 280 bucks i would know what i am buying. With an ADI honcho on this thread it seemed like a good place to clarify.

    Are you not curious about a slot -not found on any other embedded boards- that i have ever seen?

    M.2 format is future-proofing the buy, but i have to wonder what its function is, storage or wireless.
    right now it is pretty much only found on laptops….Mostly in a cellular modem capacity.

    1400mb/s didn't excite you one bit?

  • The RCC-DFF will have one mini-PCIe card (PCIe and USB) with a SIM and the M.2 is storage only (SATA, not PCIe).  The industry is quickly moving toward these M.2 SATA cards.

  • @cmb:

    Thanks for joining in, vahokie.


    Thanks for looking that up.

    Considering he's a senior hardware engineer at ADI, I'm guessing he didn't have to look it up even. :)

    It's better than that.  He is the engineer at ADI on this board.