CP displaying live video stream.

  • I have similar needs to a recent post. I know pfsense is a routerOS -but i want to use pfSense for a neighborhood wireless watch system using  an Pfsense Wifi AP Hotspot and a CP page displaying a browser screen with video streaming from an pfSense attached IP-CAM automatically upon client discovery.
    In short-An RTSP stream displayed on the CP page for my pfSense hotspot. No login or encryption.

    I don't know if i would hit the 1 meg limit but i think pfSense has most of my work done for me. Is this doable??

  • I thought maybe HTML5 would be up to the task serving H.264 but the more i read, cross platform/browser viewing varies greatly. I did see my cameras use MJPEG stream as well. Maybe i could embedd this in my portal page??


  • So this camera address seems to work OK cross browser and platforms for me.


    So can i just redirect pfSense Captive Portal webpage to this other network address/camera page instead of embedding a link to it in a normal pfsense CP homepage?

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    And what's the trouble with actually whitelisting the IP cam's address in CP and embedding the stream?