Nat -> dansguardian -> squid -> firewall rules?

  • Hi all

    i have dansguardian running on port 8888 the LAN interface of my pfsensel, which forwards the traffic to squid running on loopback 3128. To redirect incoming http traffic on the LAN interface I have a NAT rule which forwards dest port 80 to  8888 (DG).

    As far as is understand, firewall rules are applied after NAT. I tried a lot of combinations but none worked (like * or as source ip address). What source ip address on which interface do I have to choose, to apply rules after DG/Squid?

    Thanks a lot for your support,

  • Hi all

    does no reply mean, there is no solution or did i post it in the wrong category or did i ask a wrong question or …?

    Thx, inorx

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