Possibility to simply manage vouchers

  • Hello,

    For a customer of us, we are looking into a voucher based wifi management system. We have choosen PFsense and are happy with the possibilities that it offers. However, the management interface is to complicated for non techheads like our customer. Is there any way to simplify the creaton of voucher(rolls), see the status of vouchers, block vouchers and see the status of the overall performance?



    PS: reply can also be in Dutch :)

  • Hi,

    Initial voucher settings don't need to be modified, ones setup correctly.

    According to me, creating a new role with vouchers is a matter of clicking in the plus ( + ) button and then the blue ! button will show them all. print or save the page and that it.
    I agree, all these setting called bits, keys, ticket, checksum etc look daunting.

    But, hey, don't worry, you can tell you clients that "driving a car" or "piloting a plane" needs some understanding, training.
    Managing a firewall like pfSense isn't exempted to this.

    But: a partial solution is possible.
    Knowing that voucher code are generated buy pfSense, you could store them "some where" in a file on the pfSense system.
    All you have to do is adding a new tab on this page: "Status: Captive portal" where you list all created vouchers, and for each voucher you could show if it is being used, how much time is left, a "block" button to disable it, etc.
    This means you could it make a easy for your client as you decide : your coding skills will determine the final result.
    => Kortom: werk aan de winkel ;)

    Btw : "overall performance" is vague. many screens are can inform the admin about what's going on.

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