Odd behaviour with our wireless clients

  • We got around 40 Access points. Authentication is done via radius server and dhcp server is hosted on a windows server. Originally we gave it a Ran out of IP so we decide to give it a bigger range and put it up to There isn't that many devices online concurrently so we don't think it would create a broadcast storm.

    However recently, it is slow getting a dhcp lease. Up to 10 seconds. Clients would also drop off randomly. The access points are broadcasting multiple SSIDs and different lan segments. Other SSIDs seems to be fine and they are on a different segment.

    I was looking at a online video and it says the guideline is don't have more than 500 devices on the same subnet. I just checked the dhcp lease and it only issued out 260+ ip. It isn't that much but is it possible that the change in range might have affected it?

    We didn't think too much of it because we paid to get a wifi survey, they recommended 12 AP. But the management allocate a budget for 3 AP. We just laugh at them when they complain that they are getting poor signal. I'm sitting a few feet away from the AP so it doesn't affect me.

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