Push "redirect-gateway"

  • My OpenVPN works fine in the standard setup where you can only access the pfsense server. In OpenVPN there exists the possibility to route all internet traffic through the VPN with an additional config such as

    push "redirect-gateway"

    However, if I put this into the additional field in the pfSense config it does not work and no traffic is routed, not even the standard traffic to the pfSense.

    Any ideas?

  • Could you be "a bit" more specific?

    Saying "it does not work" is not very helpful.

    Steps taken, Network setup, versions, ranges, rest of the config, type of client, PKI?, SKI? …... you get the picture.

    (this option is working right now at my home)

    Also you could try to search the forum since there are quite a few threads about this.

  • I again searched the threads and found a lot of stuff, I did not have seen before. So, finally I could manage to route all the traffic through the firewall.

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