PfSense with parent ISP proxy?

  • Our ISP has a proxy that we must use, anything not going through port 8080 to their proxy server gets blocked (Pain in the backside).

    Have a slow adsl line they I've used to confirm that pfsense works across our network but putting it on the filtered line stop clients accusing the internet.

    Ive added in their proxy details into system - advanced - miscellaneous.
    Ive also added

    cache_peer parent 8080 7 no-query

    into the custom acl  in services-proxy (before auth)

    Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to be putting this for clients?

    Many thanks.

    Update:we  I've got some sites working with this

    cache_peer parent 8080 0 no-query no-digest never_direct allow all

    but HTTP sites are hit and miss as to if they work or not.  HTTPS, i haven't got a clue about this yet.

  • Never managed this in the end.

    Seems impossible. especially if the parent proxy is HTTPS enable to.

  • If your ISP is proxying HTTPS then it's time to find a new ISP.  Are you getting browser warnings when going to HTTPS sites?