Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2.1 breaks squidGuard

  • Hi!

    I fixed my problems with squid (related to it cannot open port 800 due to restriction of opening lower ports fixed by a sysctl).

    But now I cannot start squidGuard.

    I removed this configs on custom options on squid:

    redirect_program /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf;redirector_bypass off;

    If I try to start the service it don't starts and nothing it's writen on logs.

    BUT if I start the service manually [1] from one console and leaving it on the background it works without any problem.
    /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf &

    **I'm thinking about some problem related by which users it's running the webconfigurator**. This user should not have enough rights to start squid in a lower port (after the change to allow the use of lower ports to all users it worked). And now it cannot start squidGuard, but if I start it manually from the console it works.

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