Best way to make hundreds of user logins?

  • Hello,

    I have the need for hundreds of unique logins for our OpenVPN server.  We have hundreds of embedded devices running the client, and need them all to connect with unique credentials.

    My question: what is the best way to go about creating that many logins?  I would assume I should be able to script such a thing?

    Any insight is much appreciated.



  • Don't know about scripting user creation in PFsense, but one option is to change to LDAP or Radius auth and script your users into AD.

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    Yeah indeed. Managing hundreds of users without some LDAP/AD solution is a giant PITA.

  • Hmm, gotcha.  Well, I guess I'll need to start looking into that solution then.

    Do I still need a unique cert for each user if I use LDAP, or would the cert be shared?

    Thank you all to responded.


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    Well no, unless you check "Strict User/CN Matching"… Still, much better practice.

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