503 - Service Not Available

  • After a fresh install yesterday and all working fine at around 10pm last night I trid to login again this am from my remote office and get

    "503 - Service Not Available" - when trying to access the dash board?

    No one has rung me about the 'internet being off' so I assume basic functions are still fine.

    I did not enable SSH so can't login to the console to do any admin.

    To get console locally its an 18 mile drive.

    Any suggestions appreciated  :)

    ps I have just one additional package installed - BandwidthD…

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    ps I have just one additional package installed - BandwidthD…

    Nothing new here. Can you SSH in? If so, then uninstall this from the pfS developer shell.

    playback uninstallpkg bandwidthd

    Restart webConfigurator/PHP-FPM after that. (Or reboot.)

  • Thanks - will do that tomorrow when back in to the office. I should have mentioned that following the fresh install to compact flash I upgraded to the latest version 2.2.1 I think.

    Its a shame because one of the reasons I did the install of pfSense was to monitor traffic.

    Are there any other packages that work well that do this?

    All I need to know is which LAN IP's are downloading how much over day/week/month.

  • The same thing is happening to me.
    I installed the VMWare tools and then if I try to log into the web gui I get either:

    • 503 - Service not Available
    • 500 - Internal Server Error

    I am running 2.2.1 AMD64 on a Dell Server with Broadcom Nic's

    I tried to revert to a configuration before the VMWare tools but no luck.
    Any help apreshiated

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    This thread is about bandwidthd.

  • Not be a problem any more.