OVPN DHCP? Gateway? Where to configure that?

  • I have 2 pfSense as CARP-Cluster.

    oVPN is running and I can access the LAN-Network from the clients.

    I can't tunnel all the traffic, because of no gateway is set for the Clients.

    • But where can I tell oVPN what Gateway the clients should have for the TUN-adapter?
    • What IS actually the right Gateway to use? (just the LAN-Gateway?)
    • Where can I configure the DHCP that gives IP's to the VPN-Clients?

    I searched for answers, but I can't find something that helps me at this point.

    hope for some hints ;)

    • what gateway for what purpose ? on the client end or the server ? what do you want to do?
    • see above
    • you don't configure dhcp, openvpn dynamically assigns ip's from the chosen tunnel network. if you pick as tunnel network then your server will be .1 and all the others (.2-.254) will be assigned to the clients.

  • WAN is a failover-group of three conections. Not round-robin, the fastest is tier1, the slowest is tier3.

    LAN network is where the gateway to WAN is (CARP vIP)

    VPN network is Clients with an IP from this network don't get a gateway-IP during connection.

    Clients from VPN can access the LAN
    Without gateway Windows blocks all incoming traffic from VPN-TUN,
    so Clients from LAN can't access VPN-Clients (if the windows-firewall is OFF they can, but this is no solution)

    As you told me, there is no DHCP. Then - in my case - is the right IP for the VPN-Clients as gateway?
    Clients get an IP via VPN, also they get the configured DNS, but no gateway and I can't find where I can manage that.


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