Open vpn is not the default gateway

  • Hi,
    We want to configure pfsense as openvpn server,
    The pfsense (openvpn) server is in lan ( 192.168.1.x), an connected to internet through the gateway

    Can this possible with a simple Port Forwarding , so, clients connected t will be redirected to vpn by this rules?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    yes, it also works with port forwarding to the OpenVPN server.

  • Can you tell me the solution please?

  • That's not a big deal.

    Your OpenVPN server must have a static IP on the interface it listens for connections. This can be also the LAN interface. Use the wizard for configuring the server.
    On the router you have to forward the port you use for VPN to this IP. By default  that is 1194 UDP.

    The incoming VPN connections are terminated by the server and natted to its LAN address. It's no matter if the VPN connection comes in at the same interface.

  • Can you pleas explain with more details,

    Shouled the openvpn server in lan have 2 nic?

  • As said, the interface for incoming VPN connections can also be the LAN interface. So no further interface is necessary for your goal, just one.

    For openvpn server set up, the wizard will guide you through and there are also some tutorials in this forum and in the pfSense docs: