Routing problem? - RoadWarrior WebGui Access

  • Hallo,

    I have the following problem: one PfSense firewall is acting as  RoadWarrior VPN server and Site-to-Site VPN server. At the remote location there is second PfSense firewall as client of Site-to-Site VPN. If I try to reach WebGui of the server as RoadWarrior client everything is OK. But if I try to connect WebGui of the remote firewall as RoadWarrior client there is no response. I think that there is some problem related to routing of RoadWarrior and  Site-to-Site VPN's but I can't discover which route is missing. Any help will be appreciated.


  • Do you push the route to the remote location of the site-to-site connection to the RoadWarriors?

    (The man pages to OpenVPN: )

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