CP and DNS

  • Hi all,

    We are working with a system called Corinex in combination with PFsense.
    Everything worked great and my clients were a always redirected to the login page of the CP.

    At this moment CP is not working anymore, as I did some changes which I can't remember  :-[
    All my clients with Corinex hardware are now allowed on the network and have full internet speeds  and I'm wondering where I messed up
    I have a slight clue that the trouble started when I changed the DNS server.
    Can someone tell me if the entered DNS server in General Setup does matter if you use the CP?
    Should I use the gateway address instead of for example

    Thanks for your help in advance


  • Your clients should use pfsense as dns.

    Use ipfw -x "zone" list to see why your clients can access the internet with the CP on.

  • The strange thing is that all the clients CAN access the internet when CP is on, but they are not presented the log-in screen first.

  • Post a detailed config of your network.

  • Ok what info would you need?

    DNS is now configured as and which are default Ziggo DNS.
    Can I change them into as that is the IP of my PFsense?

    Furthermore there is some port forwarding and NAT configured, would you need all this info to?

  • Just post a detailed config of your LAN. It isnt that hard.

  • I see you haven't noticed the amount of Noobieness I carry with me but oke I assume you mean the following:

    Lan IP Router:
    DHCP is enabled
    DHCP Range -
    DNS Forwarder is enabled

    Is that detailed enough?
    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help.

  • Your CP is activated on the LAN interface ?
    How do you client connect ?  a big switch between this LAN interface and clients ? An AP ? And if it is an AP, has the DHCP been shut down in the AP ? And the router mode has been disabled ?
    When client get an IP, is it in the right network segment (  between and ) ? Another IP ? pfSEnse show that he gave that IP (see on Status => DHCP server page )

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    Also, are the DNS servers whitelisted on CP?

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