How can I create a second instance of SARG and add manage pages to the WebGui

  • First I want to say that I new to Pfsense and Linux, so I need detailed answers.

    I found that SARG can create reports based on Squid, Squidguard or Dansguardian, but only one for the instance configuration.  In the SARG support forums they described that I can use different Conf files with the -f parameter.

    For that I will need to use the shell instead of the WebGui, and will loose the reports browsing for the second instance.  So I was wondering if I could duplicate the SARG web pages and menus pointing to the second instance Conf and Reports (Changing some key names for the Gui and scripts).

    I know that upgrades will be more difficult as I will have to remove my changes before doing the upgrades and redo the work for the second instance.

    The reason I need two SARG instances is because the Reports made from Squid have the username on the reports but does not tell me which links were block/unblock by Dansguardian, and the Reports made from Dansguardian show the block/unblocks but does not have the username. So I need the two type Reports.

    If you know a way to have the usernames using Dansguardian logs, your very much welcome to provide the way.

    I have pfSense 2.1.5 RELEASE, using Squid3-dev, Dansguardian and SARG default packages

  • :o  I found a work around for my problem.

    The Dansguardian inserts the user name in the log if the authentication mode is Proxy-Basic (Maybe other modes will do it).  I was using Proxy-NTLM.  (Authentication was successfull with NTLM and it was connecting to LDAP successfully also)