Captive Portal Page not showing when trying to access the web

  • Hi together.

    I hope i'm right here and this question was never asked bevore (i did find nothing).

    So i'm running a pfSense Hardware on an old P4 Server with 4 Ethernet Cards (WAN, LAN[private], Company[Captive Portal] and Servers[for my Servers])

    All Information i think that is needed will be found here:

    So my Problem is:
    If a Client connects to the pfSense via the Complan Interface, he gets an IP from the Machine.
    So far so good, but if this Person tries to access the Web he should be redirected to the Portal Page, but thats not happening.
    The Portal Page ( is the current Pre-authentication redirect URL and is set to

    Did i make any misstakes ?
    If more Information is needed please tell me i will reply ASAP.

    Thank you all for your Help in Advance.

    Greetings from Germany

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You don't set the portal page as the pre-authentication URL.  Just leave it blank.

    Do they get the portal page if they manually enter ??

    What happens if they put something like in their browser location bar?

    Can they resolve DNS before going through the portal page?

  • If you are connected to the wifi you can always visit and you will see the login just fine and everything works.

    I try to set the Redirect url to nothing when i come home this night and test it out.

    For dns i think resolving dns is not possible before autjentication, bit i try when i arrive at home !

    Thanks for reply !

  • Banned

    DNS must work, otherwise the whole CP is broken.

  • I will try and get back to you as soon as i am at home  ;)

  • Ok i did reset the Pre Auth URL to "nothing", but nothing changed.

    After i did check the config of the DHCP on the COMPLAN Interface i found out that i did set custom DNS Servers (DNS) for this HotSpot, turns out that was my problem…
    After i set all back to nothing it works just fine, so i'm just a bit stupid  :D

    Tank you for this Hint, Problem solved.

    Greetings Chris-The-Tuner