Reverse Proxy and Outlook Anywhere unstability

  • Good afternoon.
    A couple of weeks put into production Squid Reverse Proxy to publish Exchange 2010 services (OWA, Autodiscovery, Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync).
    Apparently everything worked properly, but after few days I started receiving complaints from users connection problems with Outlook Anywhere, odd behavior and inability to send and receive emails of a pair of Mbytes. A Mac user has also reported to me that he has stopped working mail exchange from the change.
    It seems a problem with RPC over HTTPS, as the OWA and mobile devices using Activesync not affected.
    I do not find too many options in the GUI to set.
    I have returned to restore original settings (doing NAT port 443 to the internal IP of the server), and seems to have returned to stabilize it.
    Has anyone encountered this problem? And it has solved?

    Exchange version: 2010
    Pfsense Version: 2.2

    Thank you very much. Greetings.

  • I'm having the same problems. Did you fix it??

  • I'm having the same problems. Did you fix it??

  • Fixed by using HAProxy in HTTP mode and SSL-Offloading.

  • same problem here.
    pfSense 2.2.6
    squid3 package 0.4.7

    was this ever fixed for squid ?

    can you clarify how you used HAproxy?
    did you put HAproxy in front of reverse squid?
    or directly in front of Exchange?

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