• I have 2 pfsense boxes and 2 WAN connections with static IPs.
    I have setup WAN failover as well as hardware failover.
    Failover gateway group:
    WAN #1 uses wan_vip1 (tier 1)
    WAN #2 uses opt2_vip2 (tier2)

    I would like OpenVPN clients to be able to connect to the VPN [using the lowest tier available] regardless of which box and/or WAN is up.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction here?

    1. Make the OpenVPN server listen on the failover gateway group
    2. Register with a dynamic DNS provider (if not already).
      3)Add a Dynamic DNS entry to update the name based on Failover Gateway Group
    3. Setup the OpenVPN client systems to use the dynamic name to connect