PfSense VM With Only 1 Physical Int. (separate WAN/LAN via VLAN)

  • I currently have 2 ESXi hosts in HA cluster (purpose: home lab). On one of these hosts I have my PfSense VM connected to vSwitch0 and vSwitch1(each vSwitch is connected to a separate physical NIC). vSwitch0 is for my LAN and has VLAN tagging turned on for the pfsense port. vSwitch1 is connected to my cable modem for WAN.

    What I would like to do instead is plug my cable modem into my managed switch and put the modem in say VLAN 5. Would this allow me to connect the host to only one physical NIC and give pfsense WAN access by giving it 2 vNICs in one vswitch with one vNIC only getting VLAN 5 for WAN access(the other getting all VLANs except 5?

    If this works I would then like to try to vMotion pfsense between hosts so my wife won't lose internet access when I reboot a host.